29 december 2016

Contemporary Art

Do we know what contemporary art is?  Is it the art of today? Or was it from yesterday, or maybe does it belong to tomorrow? Was it made? Or is it not yet made, and is it just a thought, or a vision?
When I go to a museum I always look for a picture or a sculpture. But, many times I find myself just confronted with a thought...

So... WHAT is art?

In translation from Dutch television"A sculpture of a kneeling Hitler was recently sold for $ 17 million. Has art become a market in which solely the number of visitors to museums count, or the stardom of an artist? However, Alessandro Baricco, author of the book 'Barbarians', discovered a new culture optimism. Artists must now engage with the reality around us."

... at work
This approach to art did put me on my feet. Made me understand what we where doing here all this time, what we made and what we will make. Art as a vision, as an engagement 'with the reality around us'... to the soil, to the content, the technique, the social importance.
Then, in this context, our project
Hestel Tellus is an expression of art. A creation, a thing that was designed. For we have shaped it into what it has become and laid the foundation to how it will grow... together, in a combination of personal skills. Country life intertwined with music and visual art. When this is art, I want to be an artist. Making art with a content. When this is not art... well in that case, let me be just a painter.



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